With the intense competition in the housing market, there may be reasons why your house isn’t selling. Here are some steps to give you an advantage.

What to Do Before You List Your Property

Before you decide to list your home, check your local market and the local condition. Here are the top questions you should be asking:

  • Does my property have a major defect that will cause the property to be priced poorly?
  • If it does, is the property easily fixable? If the answer is yes, you may not want to list your home until the problem is solved.
  • Does the property have a desirable feature or quality that you haven’t added to the listing?

Consider things like location, design, layout, natural light, curb appeal, good surrounding schools, distance to public transportation, proximity to local attractions, etc.

In addition, you should see if there are any inspection issues that could cause the sale to be delayed. Sometimes these issues can be worked out with the inspector or builder, so it’s always good to know about these issues before the listing date.

How to Market Your House

When it comes to your listing, make sure everything is ready and you don’t leave anything to chance. You will need to have your real estate agent show the house. That should be your focus during the listing period.

An important study from 2012 about houses taking too long to sell may trouble you. While systems in the housing market in the past allowed home listings time to appear to new buyers, the emphasis has changed to cause brand-new listings to appear first. In fact, the longer your home is on the market, the more likely it is for a potential buyer to think there is something wrong with the house or the property.

If your house isn’t selling in your timeframe and speed becomes the most important priority, working with Sierra Housing Solutions is here to buy your home for cash within as little as seven days. Better yet, we present our offers with no obligation to accept and will buy your house in its current state, with no repairs or improvements necessary.

What To Do After You List Your House

If your house isn’t selling or hasn’t received any offers after a reasonable time, consider making some changes around your home that will create a more presentable atmosphere for those that visit. After you list your home, staging your home and scheduling tours for potential homebuyers should be your main focus.

Clean up the most desirable rooms of your home, lay down a new layer of paint for a fresh feel, and purchase a few rugs if your floors are a bit bare. Be prepared to show people around your home at any time, as some may take interest and visit on a whim.

Contact Sierra Home Solutions in Nevada to Sell Your Home

Lack of sufficient marketing can get in the way of your ability to sell your home. Follow the suggestions given to you to make your house sell quickly and for the maximum price. If your house struggles to attract buyers, contact the buyers at Sierra Home Solutions right away. We make the home buying experience easy!

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