Does anyone actually want to buy an old house these days? If you play your cards right, you’ll be surprised at how many offers you can get!

Start with the Basics

Take a good, hard look at the space you need to meet your needs. Is the room rectangular, or rectangular and square? How big is the door? Is the kitchen as big as you need it to be, and does it have enough storage? What’s the layout? If you’re selling a Reno condo, can you figure out if you can move the furnace to a different wall so that the doors at the end of the hall don’t line up? Or if that would really be a good idea? Always get a professional’s opinion. Good advice is only good advice if you know how to implement it. This doesn’t mean hiring an appraiser, or a realtor, or even a contractor. It means asking a professional to take a look and tell you what the property really needs. This is a practice that may have cost many sellers a fortune in the past, but no longer. Why?

Make Your House Stand Out

The quickest way to a house’s sales price is to give it the selling price it’s worth. The best way to do that is to lighten up the old, creaky house and make it as energy efficient as possible. It’s a simple business plan that makes sense. Focus on minor repairs Just repairing the big things like windows, roofs, and plumbing are not enough! That’s why major repair and renovation jobs are usually reserved for renovations. Before you attempt to make the house saleable, make sure you do these repairs. You’ll make your old home in Reno become more energy-efficient, easier to live in, and will make it less expensive to rent.

Lower the Price and Get rid of Clutter

The first step is to lower the price. If you’ve decided to list your house at $199,000, you probably shouldn’t start at $250,000. You’ll end up competing with many properties priced that high. Keep it realistic and start with a lower price than you originally thought you’d need. Next, be ready to rid your home of unnecessary belongings. Don’t pack your home up and move it with you, but if it’s still worth it, some of the stuff you’ve purchased with your house will make you money at the new location. Consider selling things like furniture, electronics, dishes, clothes, and other collectibles that are not absolutely necessary. This strategy can also work for your personal belongings. If you’ve accumulated anything of value, try to sell them in your new home.

Showcase Your Best Features

A home’s biggest selling point is its uniqueness. If your house has been in the same neighborhood for years, you should show potential buyers that it’s distinctive. Display the main reason that it’s great to own: the look of it. Decorate the rooms with unique wallpaper, mismatched furniture, bright art, and personal items of significance. Have people write memories on a wall on a sheet of paper to read later and put a magnetic poster of photos on your fridge or another wall. Don’t forget to show the best view of the house! Make the kids stand on a step stool to look out a window. This will help them see the house’s potential from all angles. Dress the house to sell. You may need to repaint all the rooms, but that shouldn’t be too expensive or time-consuming.

The Perfect Staging

The first step to getting your house ready for the selling point is to get your house listed with a real estate agent. It’s impossible to prepare the inside of your house before you list it with a real estate agent, so it’s best to get everything done as soon as you can. Think about all of your outdoor work. Your front yard must be perfectly groomed, there must be no smudges on the windows, and there should be absolutely no old soiled clothes lying around that your family hasn’t washed in the last six months. This job is especially important when you start living in your home. A buyer must feel welcome when he walks in the door. Good staging allows the buyer to envision the cozy, comfortable home he will be living in.

Open Houses Are Key

Open house invitations must go out in a timely manner. For starters, you will be able to add new pictures to your website. Sellers generally like to see what the house looks like from the front. Also, you can do video tours. For an old home, videos help them visualize the upgrades they made. Even if they don’t purchase your house, they may want to see more homes that have the same updated kitchen or other features. If you’re selling a starter home, welcome them in and offer to show them around. If they’re interested, offer to do a final walk-through with the seller (called a “vendor walk” by real estate professionals).

Presenting Your House in the Right Way

Do you know that buying an old house is like a movie? You have to pick the right scenes and the right actors. Many buyers are still scared to buy an old house. They feel that it is too dangerous. However, you must give them a helping hand in this business. There are many good tools and tips for selling your house. If you write a proposal and offer to buyers the right incentives, you will earn some money. To make it easier for buyers, it is important to present your house in the right way. It is worth putting some time and energy into finding the right marketing team and specialists. Most of all, you must set the right price for your home. To sell your house, you need to create a strong and professional strategy that gets you the best price.

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