Contrary to popular belief, curb appeal isn’t a thing of the past, and very much still matters in Nevada in 2021.

Defining What Curb Appeal Means

Just how important is this type of appeal? It’s simply a more-or-less enhanced front of the home to catch the attention of buyers—and it’s often used in real estate as a selling point when determining how high up the price range a home will go. It’s a bit more complex than that. When it comes to assessing this appeal, it’s important to start with the exterior of the home. So, the home needs to be strong on the interior, but what people focus on most often is the house’s curb appeal. So, any work that needs to be done on the exterior needs to have a strong appeal, which would be better if the work looks great. The front door is the biggest selling point of the home. It’s also the most often changed item in a house.

What You Need to Know About Nevada in 2021

In Nevada, we’ve always been considered a little hipper than the rest of the country. Sure, we may not be hip as California or New York, but we certainly have more eclectic hipness. I mean, how many cities can you say have street festivals just like San Francisco or Seattle? Oh yeah, we do! And we do them often and well, and it’s even better if we can throw in a muppet in the mix. When it comes to this type of appeal, your house should look like it’s from a “brand new to us” neighborhood in Nevada, in 2021. What do we mean by “brand new to us” neighborhood? Well, we’ve got plenty of real estate companies (some pretty well-known) here, but there’s also tons of “collector” homes and existing properties available to buy on the market.

Creating the Ultimate Curb Appeal for Your Home

“With the upcoming improvements to how buildings are visually viewed, the appeal of any home or property will be critical in attracting the buyer. This can be done by putting in the hard yards to add value to your home’s exterior appeal and doing the right landscaping around your home.” – Kellie Burke, president of Business Brokers of Nevada, Inc. Becoming proactive and adding outside appeal “The best approach to a home’s curb appeal is to make the process as easy as possible for the client. The more you can simplify the process of creating this type of appeal, the more likely it is to be well received.”


Although this type of appeal may seem like an everyday and unremarkable task, putting some thought into what your property looks like from the street, window and entry can improve the immediate appearance of your home and its presence in the community. Why is it still so important? Consider the neighbor or someone else who may visit the property. Don’t be afraid to spend some time and energy to make your home look its best. When you’re planning for a home improvement project like a new driveway, make sure to plan for the curb appeal to match the rest of your home. For instance, if you have old asphalt in your driveway, you may not be thrilled about a new look. The same goes for peeling paint on the house or for mold or crumbling walls.

Homeownership and Neighborhood

In addition to all the exterior factors, many people will be placing their attention to another factor in the near future – homeownership. Currently in Nevada, 40% of people rent. And from 2000-2014, the Nevada population increased 1.7% while home prices increased 8.8%. With homeownership rates hitting an all-time high, this creates a housing shortage, especially in the Las Vegas area. People with homeownership can’t afford to live in the city. Why fix what isn’t broken? If there’s a lot of space on your property and the landscaping is drab, then this is a prime opportunity to change the look and feel of your front yard. Strive to create more exterior appeal, not less!

Sierra Housing Solutions Can Help
Although curb appeal will always be important, it can be expensive and time-consuming. If you live in Reno, Nevada, or the surrounding cities of Carson City and Sparks, Sierra Housing Solutions will buy your home. We buy properties fast with an all-cash offer. Contact us today to learn more.

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