When it’s time to sell your house, you’ll suddenly realize that there’s a lot of work that needs to get done. Or is there? What if the whole process of selling your house was so fast you could sell it in less than a month and so easy that it took almost no effort on your part? Does that sound too good to be true? The truth is that it isn’t. That’s what you get when you sell to a cash buyer. But how does it work?

Contact Sierra Housing Solutions

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to sell your house for cash is to contact Sierra Housing Solutions. You can either call us or fill out our online form. You’ll tell us about your house, and we’ll get an appointment set up to come see it. Between the information you provide and our own observations, we’ll get a feel for the condition of the home and what it’s worth.

Receive the Offer

After the appointment, we’ll extend a no-obligation offer for your house that we can back up with cash we already have in our accounts. The offer will be based on the condition of your home and its fair market value. One of the nice things about the offers we extend to homeowners is that you don’t have to worry about having to use a portion of the money to cover things like closing costs and commissions. We cover the closing costs and there are no agents involved to pay commissions to. That means you should have a good understanding of how much you’ll walk away with, assuming you accept the offer.


Once the offer has been accepted, all that’s left is to close the deal. We’ll take care of getting everything over to the title company, making it possible to close on the date of your choosing. When the chosen date arrives, we’ll meet at a local reputable closing company and complete the process. You’ll get paid, and everybody wins!

Selling your house to a cash buyer is easier than you might think, especially if you were expecting a process that involves as much time and effort as the traditional option of hiring a local real estate agent and putting your house on the market. Skip all of that and get your time back when you sell your house to Sierra Housing Solutions. We’re just a phone call or an online form away.

Are you ready to sell your home for cash? Click here to take the first step to getting your offer from Sierra Housing Solutions today!