Sierra housing solutionsSierra Housing Solutions would like to give a 2-and-a-half-year update about the little twin TV stars. 😉

The boys now refer to one other as “Brother”. You can often hear them saying, “Brother are you awake?” “Brother did it!” “Brother goes first,” and “Brothers turn!” They now climb everything possible, jump from scary heights, and have already started on skis!

Joel and Rachel have learned so much from all the great families they’ve worked with thanks to the little tips and advice they’ve been given. A little bonus to this business!

The incredible team they have at SHS has allowed Joel the time to enjoy the twins while still continuing to help people sell their houses, the simplest and easiest way possible. Clients always express to us that they feel like they are our only client and are amazed how detailed we are.

We love to hear, “It’s just so easy, I can’t believe it!” (see the Facebook comment)