Houses get bought and sold all over the place all the time. Not all home sales are created equal though. Some homes sell much faster than others. Homes that are in less ideal locations or are in rough shape are more likely to take longer to sell. That doesn’t do good things for you if you need to sell quickly. If you need to sell your home in a month or less, what can you do?

A Solid Plan

A solid plan is the first thing you need to sell your home in a month or less. Selling your home quickly is your top priority, so you’ll need to figure out what asking price will help you sell fast, who your ideal buyer is, and how to attract them. Identify things you’re willing to compromise on and what your deal breakers are. Figure out how long you can spend on any part of the selling process and what it will take to stay on schedule.

No Fluff Steps

If you want to have a chance at staying on schedule, you can’t afford to waste time on unnecessary steps. Take repairs and renovations for example. They’re great for homeowners who have the time to spend on them and are more interested in getting the best price for their homes instead of selling quickly. Lengthy projects won’t work for someone trying to sell their home in less than a month. Appraisals, inspections, and waiting on lenders may take up more time than you have.

The Right Buyer

To avoid as many fluff steps as possible, you need the right buyer for your home. Have you considered a professional cash home buying company like Sierra Housing Solutions? Our fast, simple process is hard to beat. Start by contacting us and telling us about your house. We’ll come see your home and put together an offer that you can expect to receive within 24 hours of our visit. From there, we can close in as little as 7 days (or on your schedule, if you need a little more time). Talk about a fast sale!

There are plenty of reasons why you might have to sell your house in a month or less. Sometimes it’s how divorce proceedings work out. Maybe you just landed a new job that requires you to relocate fast. Some people use selling their homes to avoid foreclosure. Whatever the reason you need to sell fast, Sierra Housing Solutions is here to help!

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