If you have looked into selling property to a cash home buying company, you may know that they often have slightly lower offers than those you would get by selling your home on the regular housing market. Because this is so, you might think that it’s not a wise financial decision to sell this way. However, you can avoid many fees by choosing this method over more traditional methods.

Repairs and Renovations

When you are selling a home using traditional methods, buyers are typically buying the home for themselves or their own family. Because they intend to live in the property and homes are big investments, traditional buyers love a home that is newly renovated. In a home with completed repairs and renovations, the buyer will not have to spend any extra money immediately after the purchase to fix up the home. Additionally, the buyer will be able to move in immediately. Cash home buying companies, however, are willing to buy a house completely as-is and finish any necessary repairs and renovations themselves.

Closing Fees

Cash home buying companies pride themselves on having a simple, easy process. Anybody, even first-time sellers with no experience in the housing market, can sell their home—without help—to a cash home buying company. One of the things that makes the selling process to a cash home buying company so easy is that there is no closing fee. Once you and the company have agreed on a price and any other selling conditions, they will transfer money immediately to you once the paperwork has been processed. You don’t have to worry about calculating or paying any closing fees.

Commission Fees

Because you don’t have to work with any third-party groups when selling to a cash home buying company, you don’t have to pay anyone for their services. Real estate agents typically have very high commission fees. You can save a lot of money by selling your home on your own.

The money from all of these additional yet unnecessary fees can add up quickly. Because you are not paying any of these fees when selling to a cash home buying company, you get to keep your entire profit. The amount you are offered when selling to a cash home buying company is the amount you get, unlike the deceptively high offers from traditional selling methods that do not always factor in fees and other costs.

To learn more about the fees you can avoid and how much cash you can make when selling your home, reach out to Sierra Housing Solutions Cash here today.