If the most stressful part of selling a house isn’t all the projects you have to do to get the house ready in the first place, it’s got to be the waiting. Did you know that a home can take over a month to sell? Sometimes even more than three months? Yes, even in this housing market. But what if you’re selling to a cash buyer? What does that mean for the timeline?

It’s Fast

In short, it’s fast. Selling a home to a cash buyer can mean potentially closing in as little as a single week. That definitely beats multiple weeks or even months of waiting. Think about all the things you can do with that time that don’t involve constantly cleaning and polishing every surface of your home in preparation of yet another show, responding to would-be buyers, or negotiating deals only to see them fall through in the end. Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to have that time back?

Eliminating Unnecessary Steps

Part of the reason why the closing process is so much faster when selling to a cash buyer is that a lot of the steps you would normally take when selling your home become unnecessary. We don’t really care how clean your home is. You don’t need to spend weeks or months getting it fixed up. We only need to see it one time to see what it’s worth (so no worries about multiple showings). All of this means that in some cases, homes can be closed on in as little as seven days.

Putting You In Charge

So what does that mean for moving? Well, when you sell your home to Sierra Housing Solutions, you get to choose your closing date and your move-out date. No need to worry about finding a new home or getting a rental secured. Need some time to find a good moving company? You’re all good. You choose your move-out date and move out whenever works best for your schedule.

For any homeowner whose goal is to sell their home quickly, selling to a cash buyer is definitely an option worth weighing. It’s arguably one of the fastest ways to sell your house, if not the fastest, reducing the time it takes by weeks, if not months. If you want to skip all the waiting and pacing as you try to sell your home, Sierra Housing Solutions could be the, well, solution to your problem.

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