When a loved one passes away, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made very quickly. One decision you may be faced with is the need to sell your house. If you decide that the best thing to do is to sell, the next thing to decide is if it makes sense to sell your home as-is. There are a few circumstances under which that may be the best option.

When You Need to Settle Debts Quickly

Some people still have outstanding debts when they pass away. When that happens, the estate must cover those debts before any beneficiaries receive their inheritances. In some cases, that may necessitate the sale of the house. If you have to settle debts quickly, selling as-is could allow you to save the time and money you would otherwise spend getting it fixed up. Sell to a professional home buying company like Sierra Housing Solutions. We buy houses as-is and can get you paid fast.

When the House Is Inherited by Multiple Beneficiaries

Sometimes houses are meant to be inherited by multiple beneficiaries. In this case, it makes the most sense to sell the house and divide the profits between the beneficiaries. If there isn’t much wrong with the house, you can probably sell as-is without having to worry too much about the house’s condition having an overly negative impact on the offers you get. You’ll have to decide if the biggest priority is selling as-is to get the money into the beneficiaries’ hands as fast as possible or fixing up the house in hopes of getting a bigger payout.

When Repairs Are Too Much to Deal With

What if the house has more problems than you can deal with? Repairs can be costly and time-consuming, depending on the work that is needed. If it’s all just too much to deal with, especially after a loved one’s passing, selling as-is may be the best option. You can spend your time and energy getting the house sold, rather than getting it fixed and then selling.

Depending on what, if any estate plan is in place, whether or not your name is on the deed, and state laws, your house may or may not go into probate before you can take possession of it. If you take possession of the house upon death, you can choose to do whatever makes the most sense with the house. In the case of a house in probate, some circumstances may require the house to be sold as-is. Either way, if you need to sell as-is after a loved one passes, don’t stress about finding a buyer–Sierra Housing Solutions is here to make you an offer.

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Selling As-Is