The holidays are a wonderful time to bring some cheer with winter home decorating ideas! Especially in Nevada.

 Instead of staying depressed in the early evening dark after daylight savings time, brighten up your home and warm up everyone who visits.

No matter what holiday you celebrate during November and December, making the time special can create memories for you and your family that will last a lifetime. Here are five ideas for decorating that we love to add to our own homes when the snow falls.

Find the Perfect Balance of Warmth and Light

Choose materials that make your home feel bright and warm, while also using lighter colors that can help you escape the winter chill. Simple, bright decorating on light surfaces will make it easy for everyone in your home to enjoy your holiday decorations instead of getting overwhelmed by the darkness outside. SImple winter home decorating ideas like this can make all the difference.

Make your home glow with candles. Candles offer a warm, cozy glow and don’t have to take up much space. Keep them simple and cheap by choosing a few votives and tea lights, so that they can be used for several weeks. If you have the space, add a few lovely floral aromatherapy candles that can set a mood.

Choose a Focal Point for Your Space

Your home’s focal point should be where you can see it the most. From a design perspective, we love to see walls, ceilings, and other furnishings being used to create these focal points. For example, we love to see hanging window treatments in the living room that showcase holiday decor. 

Keep it Simple and Festive With Warm Lights

Are you looking for a more modern and bright approach to winter decorating? Look to lighting for your home for a little extra holiday cheer. Warming lights and warm holiday colors can provide an atmosphere of coziness that is welcoming and inviting.

Add Some Greenery to Your Home

Decorating with greenery is a simple way to bring the outdoors inside! Just go outside and select plants or flowers that you can bring inside and display on a piece of paper! You can add a special personal touch to any holiday table setting with wonderful greenery.

Glitzy holiday trees are so pretty and bright and the option is a favorite for many people. This is a great way to add some whimsy to any holiday dinner or party. Choose a twinkle or metallic color to add some sparkle. Winter home decorating ideas don’t have to be complex.

Make Sure to Add a Personal Touch

Look for things you can use to make your decorations personal. You can create something handmade or purchase a special item that makes you think of the holiday. Have a special family heirloom you can incorporate or one of your children’s gifts they received.

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