Selling your home is difficult enough in Nevada, but selling when you have pets is even more of a challenge.

Pets and Nevada Home Owners

So how can a homeowner prepare for a pet-related sale? First, it’s important to know that not all homes suit the needs of a pet. If a home is not big enough for a large dog or a smaller dog, you may want to consider looking for a different home. In a big house, a young child may be bullied by a dog; in a small house, the dog may be lonely. And remember that a pet will have his or her habits, not only during the day but at night, too. You will need a plan to adjust the home to accommodate your pet’s needs. You will need to be able to quiet your dog at night, and the bathroom door needs to be closed to keep your cat from using the tub as a litter box.

Advice for Selling Your Home When You Have Pets in Nevada

If you have pets in Nevada, you can imagine how difficult it is to sell your home when you have furry children. It’s important to find a real estate professional that understands your pets, but most agents will be less than understanding. In fact, many agents won’t even give you a second look unless you have a spay and neuter program in place. Here are some tips to help sell your home when you have pets in Nevada. 

You need to make your home look as welcoming as possible, which means having a pet-free area. You’ll be more likely to sell your home when you have a nice, clean, spacious house to look at. You might also consider getting a doggie door, which will give your pets some freedom and make the house look more inviting.

Sellers Should Prepare Before They Put Their Homes on the Market

Selling a home when you have pets has many pros and cons. On the plus side, you don’t have to prepare for packing, removal, and transportation of pets. On the negative side, you may need to comply with special requirements and restrictions of the animal services agencies in your city, county, or state. One of the major considerations in the decision to sell is whether it’s more important to make a profit or provide a suitable home for your pets. If you have pets, it’s important to prepare your home for sale. Make sure that it’s clean and in good repair, and ensure that it meets the Nevada Sales Code. If your property is considered a community property, you will need to provide the Assessor with a notice of intent to transfer ownership.

Occupants of the Home Should Be Prepared for Showings

A home with an occupant who is allergic to animals could become a property for sale that needs to be filled with constant cleaning, water bowls, and medication. Even though animals can be good for a home’s resale value, an owner with pets must be prepared for showing dates and times. 

Adding a bonus room to the home will not only make your house look bigger, but it will make it easier for someone who is allergic to pets to show the home. Even though pets should not be allowed on furniture, owners can always keep an area off-limits to them. Even though you may want your pets to hang out in a quiet space in your house, you can also consider putting in a room that is set up for them.

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