Selling your first home can come with a lot of unexpected twists and turns, especially in a state like Nevada.

Tips for Selling Your First Home

Let’s first talk about the best type of home to sell. In Nevada, most people consider a fixer-upper or home of foreclosure, but that’s not the case for everyone. “Most houses that are on the market are sellable homes, but there are certain things that people need to consider. A lot of times, they buy a house that’s not sellable, but the seller isn’t able to fix it up and they put a huge price on it,” says Barbara Pincus, The Home Team real estate agent. Pincus says if you are ready to sell your home, it’s best to go in expecting that it might not sell. 

“Get a couple of really good Realtors and really work with them to make the home come back to the market. It may be a fixer-upper, it might be a nice place, but it might not be worth what the seller is asking,” Pincus says.

Whether You Need a Real Estate Agent

Most often, new housing developments are quickly followed by a decrease in the number of available homes, so you’re likely to be under siege from offers. 

What to Do Before Putting Your House on the Market

When you buy a house for the first time, you usually do it with a huge amount of excitement. You visit the market, you see a house you love, and you call a mortgage lender. You see the asking price and get a loan approval. You show the house to the realtor, and then you’re ready to do a big first move. But as we all know, moving to a new city or a new house is an emotional and stressful experience. It’s not always easy to sell a house. And if your circumstances change, you could end up having to sell a house you don’t want to sell. Don’t fall into this trap. Buying and selling a home can be confusing and frustrating. So, do yourself a favor and hire a professional to help you sell your house. The key is to make sure your house sells fast and for the most amount of money possible.

Listing Price and Home Improvements

People think they know what they’re getting into when they list their home for sale. But once they start seeing other properties, a lot can change. Selling a home involves a lot more than just looking at other homes for sale and making a list. Before listing, make sure you’ve fully thought out what you need to have done before the potential buyer sees the home. In other words, don’t put your best foot forward until you’re fully ready to go. It’s better to price your home at the bottom of the range than sell it at the top. Once you put your home up for sale, you have to get out of your comfort zone. You’ll have to deal with open houses and strangers coming to your home, which can be intimidating.

The Best Way to Get an Offer from a Buyer

It is a popular misconception that if you meet with more than one agent and put a market price on your home, you’re likely to get multiple offers. Many home sellers have unrealistic expectations. It takes a lot of work to find a buyer, negotiate on the price, and most importantly – make the move. On top of that, with certain permits and upgrades, it can cost thousands of dollars to put on the market. Even if a real estate agent suggests you put your house on the market with a market price, that may not be an accurate reflection of the amount that’s being offered. There are other real estate agents who can help you with your home selling process that you don’t have to deal with.

When It’s Time to Accept an Offer from a Buyer

For first-time home buyers in the market for a home, there can be a lot of anxiety and stress involved. Without much knowledge about the real estate market, this process can turn into a daunting and highly frustrating experience. With this in mind, we’re here to help you get ready for this next step. First, you need to make sure that you’re ready for this big step. You need to research how the real estate market in your area is. Just like how you should look into the best types of homes to buy, you also need to do the same when looking for a house to sell. Homebuyers are more likely to spend time examining homes that are for sale. If you’re buying a house, you want to be able to be more efficient and effective in the process.

Home Inspections, Repairs, and Disclosures

One of the biggest variables when you decide to sell your first home is what happens when your home needs repairs. When you are purchasing a home, you probably do not think about potential repairs, and your real estate agent may not either. With the purchase of a new home, the assumption is that the home is in great shape, and repairs are not needed. When selling your home, the home inspector will be looking at the condition of the house when you bought it and will make a determination on what the home requires. These repairs can range from routine to structural issues, and sellers should be aware of all of the options available to them. The seller is then faced with a decision; to fix the home to the condition the seller bought it to or try to sell the home as-is.

Contact Sierra Housing Solutions

Selling your first home will surely be an intimidating experience. If you live in Reno, Carson City, Sparks, or a surrounding city in Nevada, you can sell your unwanted property to Sierra Housing Solutions. We’ll offer you a fast, all-cash offer! Contact us today to learn more.  

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