One of the biggest questions homeowners have about selling their home is what they’re able to sell it for. Given how much of an influence the price you’re able to get for your home can have on future housing prospects and your financial state, it’s a pretty important one to understand. So what goes into determining the value of your home when selling it for fast cash?

The Value of the Property

A fair offer should be reflective of the value a property has. If you aren’t sure what your home’s value is, you could start by using online valuation tools. From there, you could always have an appraisal or comparative market analysis done.

The current value isn’t the only value being considered either (at least not by home buying companies like Sierra Housing Solutions). The value of the home once it’s been all fixed up and is ready to be rented out or resold is also often taken into consideration. In some cases, that’s actually where the value calculations start from. From there, things like the cost of repairs and minimum profit margins are deducted to determine what the offer for your house should be.

Factoring in Necessary Repairs

Buyers paying in cash are sometimes willing to buy houses that need repairs. That said, it’s only reasonable to expect that the condition a house is in and the repairs that are needed will be taken into account when determining its value. That, in turn, impacts the offer that is made for it. The more work that needs to be done, the lower the home’s value will be.

Considering Similar Homes Nearby

Housing values are all fairly relative. At the end of the day, a house is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Because of this, it’s pretty standard practice to look at similar homes nearby that have recently been sold. Looking at the value of such homes can be a good benchmark for figuring out what others are likely to be worth.

When you sell your house for fast cash, it’s perfectly normal to wonder what goes into calculating the offer you get. In many cases, cash buyers, specifically home buying companies like Sierra Housing Solutions, are looking for homes that they can turn a profit on. For this reason, they’ll take the condition the home is in, the value of nearby homes, and the potential value of the property into account when deciding what to offer. Don’t worry about being lowballed though. Our goal is to make sure everyone wins when you sell us your house.

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